Private Sessions 

An individualized private session in-person or via phone/online. 

Group Gatherings

Please see our event calendar for current offerings or contact us to arrange a gathering for your group. 

Guided Meditations

An experiential offering to connect within. Offered as a private session. 

Channeled Writings

Offered through our website, our blog, in written form such as books, we write with the honor of offering ourselves. 

We gratefully accept your kindness and your generosity. 

 ~ Namaste ~


For those who prefer a suggested offering: 

$22 for group gatherings/guided meditations 

$175/hr for private sessions of any kind.

For those who request, there is a generous sliding scale available.

Private Session Offering

$ 88 USD

Typically 30-40 minutes, but may vary. Session will flow as desired. Offered via phone, in-person (where available), Skype, or FaceTime. 


Private Session Offering

$ 175 USD

Typically one hour or a little longer, but may vary. Sessions go with what is desired. Offered via phone, in-person (where available), Skype, or FaceTime. 


Offering for Group Session

$ 22 USD

Group sessions are scheduled and available on the events calendar. This is a great way to pre-offer before the event. Sessions can include channeling, meditation, breathing exercises, and guided intuition exercises. 


Angel Mail Offering

$ 44 USD

An offering of an emailed or printed letter with written communication for you from Angel guides, including the Angels of Pleiades. Up to 2 questions with full answers provided.