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We are here to offer you a broader knowledge of what you truly are and choosing to open to your intuition is one way of doing such. Guided meditations will offer you a broader knowing through practice and persistence of paying attention to your innermost knowing - that which you already are. You are present as the One at all times, however, in your perception, your knowledge or intuition may still be blossoming. These guided meditations will allow you an opportunity to choose You, an opportunity each of us has at any given moment. To meditate is to know Oneself, as the Presence that you are. You get to choose whichever version you are in any moment, so ask yourself, Who am I choosing to be? And that answer will allow you to know Yourself more completely. It is understanding most seek; but in knowledge there is Truth. And You are that Truth. You are the One you seek. 

clairvoyance ~ red ball experience.mp3

clairaudience ~ open within.mp3

clairsentience ~ feeling in and out.mp3