To Archangel Metatron, Plei, the other Archangels, Angel beings, Pleiadians, and Pleiadites, and everyone in between: I love You for all that You are and for all your knowledge, wisdom, assistance, patience and beingness. I love You for reminding me what I truly am.

Gratitude = love to my mom for being the most supportive, amazing person - a rock and a pillar full of wisdom and charity. Love You.

Gratitude = love to my dad who always said that life wasn't worth living if you weren't doing something that made you happy. He's right. Love You.

Gratitude = love to my sister for being a shining light, shining forth for all those willing to receive. Love You.

To Sia and Patricia, my sweet, loving, animal beings, for meditating with me, showing me true love and kindness, and know what You are and reminding me what I am too. Love You both. 

And a HUGE THANKS to all the many, many beings ~ physical and non-physical, human, animal, nature, and etheric ~ who color my world with your insight, wisdom, and funny, witty sayings that eventually become my books, channelings and offerings. I am grateful for your presence. Love You.