Divine messages are something any of you can achieve. You can believe in yourself enough to know that you are divinely connected to us. And that belief will lead you to hearing us more in your own life, connecting to us through others in your life and beginning to experience us for yourself. Our message to you is one of peace for who you are is a divine being, a divine vibration, a divine entity. And we are here with you, always. 

~ The Angels


There are lots of ways to communicate with the Divine. Many people use all of their different senses and abilities to connect with the Universe around us and in us. Here are some of the most common ways that you can connect with nature and the Divine: 

Clairsentience ~ clear sense or clear feeling. This ability is all about how something makes you feel. When you are around others, you feel them, their thoughts, their emotions, their truths. Clairsentience requires you to connect to your own feelings in order to understand what you are experiencing etherically. Clairsentience is also physical feelings, such as shivers, cold when you enter a room, a soft touch on your arm, tingling, something brushing past you and more. As with everything, the Divine can talk to you physically, as well as energetically.

Clairaudience ~ clear hearing. Clairaudience can be a physical hearing, such as sounds or voices outside of yourself, ringing in your ears, someone calling your name or shouting something at you when no one is around, being startled out of your sleep by a voice or sound and more. It can also be something heard inside your mind such as voices or someone speaking to you, sounds, music or songs that pop into your head that will have significance, and thoughts of others that intrude into your mind because most people are not aware of the power of their thoughts. These can be unwanted thoughts and experiences, but for the purpose and intention of this blog and the work that I do, the type of clairaudience I prefer is one that is helpful, positive and uplifting.

Claircognizance ~ clear knowing. Claircognizance is the most common form of intuition. It is where you just know something without necessarily knowing how you know. You can connect to something, a situation, or an entity and just know something about them. It is the most common, but one of the most challenging to recognize and understand, as well as interpret. But with practice, this is also the most rewarding, easiest to connect to the Divine with, and something everyone can do.

Clairvoyance ~ clear seeing. Clairvoyance is one that is the most commonly understood (and the one you most hear about) because it involves being able to see either physically or with your mind's eye a vision that is connected through the Divine matrix. You may see visions or pictures of a situation, a person, an experience, an Angel, or any other physical or non-physical type of being. Some people see things physically such as energy movement, vortexes, non-physical entities such as Angels, spirits, ghosts, fairies, gnomes, and more. You may get flashes of images, a full scene playing like a movie, or glimpses of color. Seeing auras is a type of clairvoyance.

There are many, many other ways to experience the Divine beyond these four types of connection. You may experience the Divine through smell, through taste, through experience. It is possible to experience the Divine and all the Divine encompasses through myriad ways that are as all-encompassing as the Divine itself. It is something that is inherent to our nature and though many of us have stayed connected to our connection, for many of us, it has been taught out of us. So practice and trust and practice some more. You'll find over time that it does become easier and there are so many wonderful things that you will benefit from by connecting, you'll never know why you chose to forget in the first place! 

Tips for remembering how to connect:

Sit and be still. Listen to the Universe talking to you in whatever way is easiest and best for you. It may start as a whisper in the beginning, but trust that it is real and it is God talking to you.

Trust yourself. You and the Universe are one and the same. Trust what you are feeling, seeing, hearing, experiencing or just knowing. Those little nudges that we so easily talk ourselves out of are the real thing.

Be present. Staying in the now will help you connect to what is around you. Many of us are busy doing our daily things and forget that there is a whole world all around us - the very world that is connected to us through the same energy that permeates the entire Universe. Take a moment (or lots and lots of moments) and just be wherever you are.

Tune in to nature. The natural world is just as much a part of us as is the Universe. We are all one and the same, the energy of the Divine matrix permeating us all. Sit by a tree, converse with the birds, lounge under the clouds, watch the world go by. And then...

Listen. Or feel, or hear, or know, or taste, or smell, or wonder.

And then practice them all again.