(From a blogpost written about my early experiences with Plei):

For those who have been wondering, we're about to answer the most interesting question yet: Who are the Angels of Pleiades?

Well, that's a pretty easy answer: they are the Angels who oversee the Pleiadian galaxy and Mother Earth. The Angels of Pleiades are numerous, although currently, I am channeling only a handful. The primary Angel of Pleiades, who lovingly told me to call her Plei, was the first Angel from the Pleiadian galaxy to come through and invoke a change within me that would allow me to channel her fully.

I had never really expected this. For the time prior, I was primarily an intuitive who did channel Angel energy, but I was using my clairaudience to have conversations between the Angels and a receiver via me. I would just tell the other person what I was hearing, feeling, seeing or experiencing. Most of the time, it was what I was hearing and seeing. This changed however, in the middle of May 2012.

One evening, after returning late from a friend's house, I was exceptionally tired and ever so ready for bed. I laid down, ready to snuggle in, when I got a clear message from my Angels not to go to sleep yet. Now, mind you, when I talk with the Angels, it's a full-on dialogue. It's like I am talking to you or a good friend. I just converse. I hear them, they hear my thoughts and so on. I don't have to speak out loud and I hear them mostly in my mind's ear or inside my head. I just hear and feel their thoughts and vibrations.

But this late evening, as I laid there and was told to relax and allow myself into a guided meditation, I saw myself pulled out of my body and into space. I could see stars whizzing past me everywhere and I felt like I was floating. And waiting. Off to my right, I could see an incredibly bright star or sun (which did turn out to be a sun) and I knew there was a being waiting for me there. I saw several things shoot past me going the opposite direction and I began to question where I was. And then I knew: I was in Pleiades. I had just felt it. It felt like home, but not home.

I then turned my attention towards the being that was waiting for me who was hovering near Pleiades. She was beautiful, brilliant and white beyond white. Her illuminescence radiated so big and bright, if I'd had my current eyes, I would have covered them. She moved towards me and I began to see her more clearly. Her long, flowing locks, her white, iridescent body, and the sheer enormity of her, which represents to me that she was bigger than I could make sense of. She moved closer and I asked her who she was. She told me she was The Angel of Pleiades and that they were coming.

I felt myself pulled back to my body and opened my eyes in my room. Everything looked the same, but I felt oh, so different. I don't even know how describe it. The knowingness just settled into me. The Angel of Pleiades. The Pleiadian galaxy. My home away from Earth. Something I fully recognize and yet, don't. And she told me they were coming.

And that's how it began. The next day, I shared my experience with my mom, who is just as Lemurian as I am, and with a new friend, also quite Lemurian. Both of them completely knew what I was talking about even though at the time, neither was fully aware of what it meant. Neither was I. I do now. And that's my story of the beginning of my channeling of Plei. The actual channeling came later, but with her gentle and easy introduction and patience to begin, I cannot express how much I love her and how much love she feels for me and the rest of the Pleiadians here on Earth.

If there is resonance here for you, please join us for one of our live channeling events. Plei is eager to share who she is, why she's come now, and who will benefit from her expertise in the Universe. There's lots more in-store and we can't wait to share it with you.

There's more to the story and I will continue sharing with the days to come. As we all know, stories continue on. Thank you for being here on this journey with me and exploring your own truth in this beautiful Universe of ours.

Many wishes for Love, Light and Pleiadian Angel Energy,

Michelle & Plei

To read more about Plei and the Angels of Pleiades, as well as channeled writings with them, visit www.PleiadianChannelings.com.